Release notes

Changes from python-blosc2 0.1.10 to python-blosc2 0.1.11

XXX version-specific blurb XXX

Changes from python-blosc2 0.1.9 to python-blosc2 0.1.10

  • Release with C-Blosc 2.0.2 sources and binaries.

Changes from python-blosc2 0.1.8 to python-blosc2 0.1.9

  • Release with C-Blosc 2.0.1 sources and binaries.

Changes from python-blosc2 0.1.7 to python-blosc2 0.1.8

  • New versions of Blosc2 library added: plugins and lite.

Changes from python-blosc2 0.1.5 to python-blosc2 0.1.7

  • Headers and binaries for the C-Blosc2 library are starting to being distributed inside wheels.

  • Internal C-Blosc2 submodule updated to 2.0.0-rc2.

  • Repeating measurements 4 times in benchs so as to get more consistent figures.

Changes from python-blosc2 0.1.1 to python-blosc2 0.1.5

  • Fix some issues with packaging. See:

Changes from python-blosc to python-blosc2

  • The functions compress_ptr and decompress_ptr are replaced by pack and unpack since Pickle protocol 5 comes with out-of-band data.

  • The function pack_array is equivalent to pack, which accepts any object with attributes itemsize and size.

  • On the other hand, the function unpack doesn’t return a numpy array whereas the unpack_array builds that array.

  • The blosc.NOSHUFFLE is replaced by the blosc2.NOFILTER, but for backward compatibility blosc2.NOSHUFFLE still exists.

  • A bytearray or NumPy object can be passed to the blosc2.decompress function to store the decompressed data.